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where will your story go from here?

let's explore where you're stuck, how you got there & find out what you want to do with it moving forward.

You have something to contribute to this world. Oftentimes, however, the society we live in tells us we need to shed those elements - do better, be better, and “have it all together.”

So often we are caught up in the hustle of what others want for us that we reach the end of the day and feel empty. Like we tried to live out the best version of ourselves and there’s a disconnect. The drive to pursue being someone you’re not can leave you feeling lonely. And it’s the perfect storm of hiding our authentic selves. 

you are capable of incredible things.

sage blackbird therapy is here to create a space for you to connect to your here-and-now and show up as you are.

Together we will explore the different parts of you - the bright light shining on the outside that might not match what is going on in your own mental place, the hidden light inside of you that you’re nervous to share with the outside world, and the fear of how others may react when the authentic you starts showing up. It’s time to build the confidence to bring your light out from hiding.

the strong interest inventory is your next step to feeling confident in your career path.

The Strong Interest Inventory is more than a “one-result assessment.” This comprehensive assessment focuses on your interests, personality, and working type and then we will work together to review the report and talk about your working style and develop a plan to take the next step in your career journey. It’s time to own your strengths and choose a career that feels like the right next step. 


sage blackbird?

At the center of Sage Blackbird Therapy is a space for healing and building wisdom through conversation and reflection. Sage has evolved from two different Latin words - “salvia” meaning healing plant and “sapere” meaning be wise. Combining these two meanings with the impact of Blackbird by The Beatles, we arrive at the very place that allows your authentic story to be written.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night,
take these broken wings and learn to fly.
All your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise.

elizabeth bolton

licensed professional counselor (LPC, TX & CO)
national certified counselor (NCC)
certified eating disorder specialist (CEDS)

Let’s find the difference between the story that others have written about you, and the story you want to write yourself. Our authenticity has so much power that we can harness and turn into something amazing!

As a therapist that specializes in eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, and athlete mental health, I have heard countless stories of the fear, doubt, and insecurities that keep us from engaging in the life we envision for ourselves. Our work will center around clarifying what the obstacles are, and empowering you to try new paths through them so you can live your story in a way that you are proud of.
I’m a body-positive, identity-affirming therapist who believes we all need non-judgmental support while we “figure it all out.” Creating an individualized therapeutic relationship and experience is at the heart of my practice to allow you to reach your goals and have an open, accepting space to process your life stories.

Outside of the therapy space, I am a creative who enjoys crafting (we can certainly do this together in session!), ballroom dancing, and nature photography.  In fact, all the photographs on this website are mine! My favorite places for getting shots are Rocky Mountain National Park, and the Cockrell Butterfly Center at Houston Museum of Natural Science.
I also have 2 cats, Merry (of the Shire) and Maeve, they're my well spoiled babies!

Eating Disorder, Disordered Eating, Body Image Distress, Trauma, Self-Harm, Athlete Mental Health, Career Transition, Other

Therapy for Me (Adult), Therapy for My Teen (Ages 12-18), Caregiver Skills for Mental Health Recovery, Career Assessment, Other

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